Alzheimer's Puts Your Loved One at Risk

Protect with help from a nursing home abuse lawyer in Chicago, IL

When your loved one is in a nursing home, you're trusting that facility and its staff with their care. Staff members in nursing homes don't always treat residents the way they should. If your loved one is experiencing abuse, you need assistance from Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC in Chicago, IL. Our abuse lawyer will partner with you to hold the facility and its staff accountable for their actions. Our lawyer offers free consultations to provide the most effective help for clients.

Nursing home abuse can happen in an instant. Speak with an experienced lawyer about your situation today.

Watch for signs of nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse often goes undetected, especially when a resident's family doesn't live nearby. Your loved one may be experiencing nursing home abuse if you notice...

  • Physical injuries, such as broken bones, bruises or medical withdrawal
  • Emotional distress, such as unusual behavior or noticeable fear
  • Signs of neglect, such as poor hygiene or significant weight loss

If any of these signs are present, you need to speak with an abuse lawyer immediately. Contact Attorney L. Michael Flanagan now by calling 773-789-8529.

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