Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Chicago, IL?

A car accident attorney can help you move forward

If you're involved in a car accident of any kind, you'll want to find an attorney. Flanagan Injury Law Group, LLC in Chicago, IL has the car accident attorney to help you. Attorney Flanagan can counsel clients on situations involving distracted driving, pedestrian collisions, dooring a biker and general negligence.

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Understanding commercial trucking accidents

An auto accident attorney understands that there's a difference in how the law addresses civilian and commercial trucking accidents. If you're involved in a commercial accident, an attorney will:

  • Go over your options for legal recourse
  • Work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve
  • Check that the driver followed all standards and practices

All commercial vehicles, from delivery trucks to public transportation, are subject to different sets of laws and regulations. If you need help after an accident with a commercial vehicle, contact an auto accident attorney today.